Jacob blessing Manasseh and Ephraim

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dated 1656


Jacob blessing Manasseh and Ephraim

Other/former title

(Genesis 48: 14-20)

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71D2421: Jacob blesses Manasseh and Ephraim with arms crossed; Joseph may be shown trying to uncross them or expressing (with Asenath) his disapproval


canvas, oil paint


175 x 210,5 cm


signed and datedgesigneerd en gedateerd: Rembran[dt] / f. 1656

According to Gerson the signature is not original. He suggests that it is possibly copied from a lost signature (Gerson/Bredius 1968, no. 525). According to Gregor Weber the signature and date have been applied directly on the paint layer and they have cracked together. He also argues that the missing "Dt" of the signature suggests that a part of the signature is covered by the bedspread (Eissenhauer 2006, p. 215).

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Kassel (Hessen), Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister (Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel)

Inv./Cat. number

GK 249

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